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  • Video Production Charlotte, NC
    Video Production Charlotte, NC
  • Experience The 'Reel' Difference
    Experience The 'Reel' Difference
  • 3D Imaging of Medical Device
    3D Imaging of Medical Device
  • Masters of Consumer Behavior
    Masters of Consumer Behavior

Experience A REEL Production Company

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Videographers Get Video Production Results

Here’s a quick tip: Video’s should move people emotionally, through compelling storytelling. This is the most crucial part of a successful video production campaign. If the viewer isn’t stirred in some way (happy, sad, laughing, crying), no amount of marketing and advertising will give you a return on your investment.

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Corporate Films and Video Shorts

Over the last several years, we have seen the steep rise in Charlotte organizations using video production services. We have also seen many video viewers lose interest in company videos, very quickly. Not any longer. We have developed a new videography concept to hold the viewer’s attention-it’s called Corporate Shorts.

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Our Video Production Process

When our videographers are called to produce a video for a corporate or commercial client, we don’t show up with a Digital Single Lens Reflect (DSLR) camera. We show up with true, cinematic video cameras. We never shoot social events, like weddings, parties, and other events. We only cater to corporate clients.

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We're Your Partner, Not Your Vendor

Our ultimate goal is to partner with our clients to provide a continual stream of effective multimedia projects. Our team prefer to learn as much as as possible about your company and about you, so that we can better develop productions, which help you obtain critical objectives.

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Hollywood Quality/Local Rates

While working with several Hollywood production companiesHollywood production companies : Television network stations get help from charlotte based video production company.         Large network stations, or television stations often employee Hollywood Production Companies to manage the production process. Episode XI Studios has worked with several of those companies and has discovered opportunities to eliminate wasteful practices. Since that time, we have created a production workflow, which reduces many of those unproductive models and allows us to put more concentration on the quality of the production, not the excessive staff standing around using their iPhones., we developed a system of workflow that allows for abundant production value, creative cinematographycreative cinematography : Episode Xi Studios' 25ft crane with moveable head for video production. Cinematography is nothing more than knowing how to move the camera, from what angle, and through what lens. There is also a psychology in cinematography. Certain camera heights have a scientific reaction on the audience, as does camera movement and lens selection. It's our job to utilize these tools to bring the viewer of your video into a certain state of mind, and encourage them to act on your message. We've all cried during My Dog Skip. The story was a big part of that reaction, but so was the cinematography technique., and impressive editing effects. The goal was to increase quality, reduce waste and produce an award-worthy marketing piece that makes your entire organization look good.

Why The Name Episode 11 Studios?

If you’ve asked that question, you aren’t alone. Sit back, because I’m going to tell a story that’s both charming and funny. When naming the studio, we wanted something fun; after all we were creative, video and photography people. It was expected of us. We also wanted the logo to invoke a sense of recognition. We wanted it to be memorable, to be similar to something already popular. Home ImprovementHome Improvement : Home Improvement was an American sitcom which aired in the 1990's and won many awards. Because one of the owner of Episode XI Studios is very much like Tim Allen's character on the show, and because the eleventh episode is his favorite episode, the name just stuck-Episode 11. was a favorite among of one of the Episode XI Studios’ founders and was instrumental in our company’s name.

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Our productions will leave your viewers begging for more

We bring that Hollywood look into every one of our productions. We not only build brand awareness, we take brands to a new level.

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Recent Corporate Photography Work

Take a look at our recent corporate photography work. Our expertise is focused on architectural, event and product photography.

Video Production Pricing Options

Pricing a video production project involves many variables to consider. To give you a ballpark estimation of what it cost to produce an average multimedia project, we have provided a starting point for our three tiered levels of production.

  • Budget
  • From $799.00
  • Half Day Filming (appox. 1-2 Min Video)
  • Motion Graphics
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • Tripod
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  • Advanced
  • From $3,499
  • Full Day Filming (approx. 3-5 Min Video)
  • Motion Graphics
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • Tripod/Dolly
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  • Premium
  • From $6,999
  • Full Day Filming (approx. 3-5 Min Video)
  • Motion Graphics
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • Tripod/Dolly/Crane/Steadicam
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Imagine A Situation Like This!

We help organizations reach critical goals. Video makes a  huge difference in how the world determines your worth; we all know it, and when we wrap your video, your potential customers will look at you with a new  appreciation. Call today for a quote 704.998.3711.